2004 Mach 1/ Cobra DOHC 4.6 engine parts FS

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May 1, 2006
Hey guys,
I am selling off my 4.6 DOHC engine parts. These are 04 Mach 1 (5spd car) engine parts mostly with some items from 1995 Mark VIII.
I will be glad to ship most, if not all of these items within the US or you are welcome to pick them up. I live in Baltimore, MD.
(302) 547-77 one five - cell
[email protected] (dot) net

If you have questions - please EMAIL me directly, or call me. Also, please be honest and if you are not really in the market for the part(s) you ask about, don't make the inquiry. If you are truly in the market for these items I am glad to answer any questions you may have and email you images such as the ones posted in this thread. Parts list and prices below...

1995 Teksid 4.6 aluminum 6 bolt main DOHC block ... $450
Forged OEM 4.6 crankshaft (2004 Mach 1 5spd car) ... $500
Oil reloction kit (hoses, clamps, fittings, and block and filter plates): ... $40
2004 Mach 1 timing chain cover ... $150
2004 Mach 1 stock/used (35K miles) cam shafts: ... $100, need re-polishing
pre-1999 32valve "B" heads (uses IMRC plates, not included): ... $200
pre-1999 DOHC 4.6 Teksid block timing chain cover: ... $50
pre-1999 DOHC 4.6 standard crank: ... $150
pre-1999 DOHC 4.6 standard oil pan: ... $40
pre-1999 DOHC 4.6 standard rods and pistons: ... $100

The following have been sold:

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