2004 mustang 40th anniversary 3.9L v6 questions


Nov 4, 2018
putnam, ct
Today at 2:38 PM
I've had this mustang for about 3 months now. came with what appears an SR performance CAI , dual flow master exhaust without X or H pipe, 17 inch wheels running 235/55r17's, mds wires and motorcraft platinums. and Im wonder what else can I do to get the most bang for the buck in horse power and torque.

1. go up to a 65mm throttle body?

2. rear gearing chang to 3.55- 3.73 or 4.10 wich a diff change to limited slip / its currently open diff

3. 8.8 rear end swap? what are my options for sourcing this and is it a bolt in ? will my rear disc set up convert over to an 8.8?

4. iridium plugs? are they worth the money?

5. the current tires rub on the inside so im thinking about moving down to 225/50r17 in front and want to go up to 275/50r17 in the rear.

6. seat belt chime driving me crazy. fix idea's?
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