2005 Cougar

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hehe its funny how this is a mustang forums and there are so many threads about other cars, mabie we need a concept forum or somthing

I like it, it looks kinda like the mustang in the front though. I liked the bodystyle they have now too, allmost got one of them but got the ram instead cuz i heard about all the problems it was having, heh I think I shoulda got the cougar, the ram isnt exactly problem free either.
Is it a def that they are makin somthing allong that line? Or is it just a concept?
Either way i hope they fix all the problems it was having.
That's definately a photoshop job.
Although if a Mercury Cougar was made based on the Stang I might buy it. Cougar's aren't as common as Stangs and Mercury could use the business.
Man, if they made a new cougar that looked like that I'd buy it for sure. I love the old cougar's and as much as I like stangs, I think I'd rather have a new cougar over a new stang.

The current cougar's I don't like at all though.
awalbert88 said:
I think it looks like crap, personally. Ford would never allow a Mercury cousin of the Mustang unless it was a very different car (unlike the Capri of the early 80's).

Lincoln Mercury dealers were told at their last dealer meeting that there would be a Cougar version of the new Mustang. Many of the dealers are upset that the last Cougar (Contour based) was discontinued as it has left Mercury without any vehicles that appeal to young (18 - 30) customers.

(I'm not saying that the linked photo is the real deal, I know it is someone's photo chop).
Mercury is definately planning on bringing the Cougar back. The new boss at Mercury stated that it is too valuble a name not to be selling. I have heard a lot of speculation that the Cougar would be based on the 05 Stang. That would make sense, since Ford is looking to try to share as many platforms as possible. Mercury just needs to be able to give the COugar it's own identity. For almost 20 years, Mercurys have just been a ford with a different name slapped on it.
Bah, if the Couger comes back, I'd much rather see it as a FWD or AWD turbo or supercharged 4cyl perhaps. Something built to slay the sport compact crowd. That would go a lot further to save the Mercury brand than a Mustang clone. Just look at how much success Dodge is having thanks to the SRT-4. A lot of people (myself included) point to the fact that it's still just a Neon. But it outruns everything else for the price, and is definately the envy of a lot of the sport compact folks. If Mercury put out something like that, it would really boost interest in the brand.
XtorT'r said:
Sorry but, Come on why make a Mustang Clone? Make the new Cougar AWD :nice: or something - Don't taint the Stang!!! :mad:

rumor has it that the new cougar may be a 2 seater. it will certainly be more upscale than the Mustang. check out the last concept from Mercury. it's not called a Cougar, but that's basically a Cougar concept.
I may be totally off but.. this is a concept that mercury put out... I think it looks ok.


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