2005 Mustang release rumours in Oz

Hi Folks,
This is my first post in your forums, G'day!
There is speculation 'down unda' that Ford will release the 2005 Mustang here, although Ford Australia are being vague about the prosect. This car is an absolute doll and would sell here if the price was right. I've searched the net and your forum for the ' 2005 Mustang Australia ' strings but no luck. Have you guys heard any whispers?
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Welcome aboard dude! I haven't heard anything myself but if it was brought over there, then it could be like summer of 05' or in 06' before that happens. Ford would want to make sure everythings OK with the Mustang here before they'd start shipping them there. Enjoy the website!
Quote "The Falcon XR6 and XR8 are the swaggering road burners of the family. For a base price of U.S. $37,859, an XR8 driver sits behind Ford’s 5.4-liter DOHC 32-valve V-8, outracing a kookaburra’s call with 349 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of steamship torque. Ford calls the engine the “Boss 260,” but to Australians it’s a hallowed “vee-bloody-eight.”

Well, I'm from the other side of the fence. I have a ( GM ) Holden HSV. HSV in Oz are as Callaway is in the U.S.
Your Chev 5.7 litre is under the bonnet and an amazing engine it is. Aussie tuners are always tinkering. A guy here has planned a 2000hp version. ( with a little plumbing )

link here
http://www.are.com.au/Big HP/Craigs A-W Com.htm

Anyways, I digress. Apart from some local muscle cars and what we can do with them, Aussies generally love American styling. For me the Mustang styling lost the plot for years and then evolved again.

I hope the export of the 2005 Mustang happens.

As 65 Mustang enthustiast thanks for your forum and I have plenty here to search through.

Bigger question than just OZ .... has anyone heard if they are planning a RHD (right hand drive) version of the Mustang? If your going down under (or several other places) it would seam much better to design a factory RHD into the program, rather than the post production mods it takes (usually poorer quality than the production factory). Guess you could try to sell the LHD version .... but dont think that would play.
:( Aww, I miss Oz! I decided that I would save my money for my 05 and now I realize that I had promised myself I'd visit Aussie again :bang: somebody just give me a million dollars and help a gal out. (and if you don't have a million bucks, just buy me an 05, or give me a free trip to Australia again :D )
Thanks in advance . . . .
aussieLS1 said:
top end speeds for the 05 are still speculation here, any one done a 150mph run. the myth spreads but I have reason to doubt it!

I did close to 140 mph in my 260 hp GT (still pulling pretty good but I pussed and let off the gas), and that was just with a catback exhaust so with the new 300 hp motor I'd say 150 is definitly possible, but I'm willing to bet there will be some sort of governor like the Cobras, I think they're govered at 155. I'm sure there are ways around it though. :banana:
aussieLS1 said:
CatmanJJ, I'm running a 5.7l ls1 HSV with cat back, cold air, 4-2-1 headers. I cant make 150 mph ( 250 kph ) 6 speed hollinger box, she runs out of steam at 245 kph. Too much air pushing her back. Would love to know how you do it.

Well I was up to 140 not 150. U sure your car doesn't have a governor? I thought for sure you'd be able to go 150+ with the LS1 since they pull a hell of a lot harder then my SOHC 4.6 ever did.
It shouldn't be too hard to hit 150 in that car or at least close. My bone stock SRT-4 can hit 153. The (stock)SRT-4 is a little faster than an 03 GT with basic bolt-ons. At a minimum I think an 03 GT could ring out 145. The 05 I expect to have similar performance as the SRT-4 so I'd expect over 150.
LS-1's are monsters in the top end, so maybe its something in the air down there. A bone-stock LS-1 C5 can do in the 170's. I know the Monaro is a little heavier but 150 should be cake. When you did this top speed run, where you going up a mountain on a windy day?
G0NEn60, I can only post the facts with a video clip to confirm.
Flat run in the outback desert. The car is an HSV Clubsport., very slippery but with body kit and rear wing designed to keep the the car hugging the ground. The shift from 5th to 6th near 250kph / redline - fuel cutoff ,kills the attempt
I'm not doubting you, or tryin to be an ass. Over here though 150 isn't too tough, but if you have some aerodynamic mods that could very well be the culprit. Do you have any pics? Also, gearing plays a big roll, what transmission is it. I'm not to familiar with V8's so if you know what other cars that tranny is in, it might help.