2008 SVTOA National Event - Aug 15-17, New Jersey


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Apr 9, 2002
Kansas City area
I just wanted to get a quick "heads up" out regarding our 2008 SVTOA Experience (National Convention).

This year, the dates will be August 15, 16 & 17, 2008 at the all-new New Jersey Motorsports Park near Millville, NJ. http://njmotorsportspark.com/

Right now, we have been told that we will be running on the 2.2-mile Thunderbolt course (the Lightning course may not be complete by mid-August.)

Another change: for 2008, ALL-THREE track days will be under the direction of the SVTOA On Track event staff, complete with in-car instructors for the novice students and safe, consistent on-track driving rules being enforced for ALL run groups. Once again, Dell Hughes will be serving as SVTOA Event Chairman, and I have been asked to lead the on track activities.

I will post more details as we get them all worked out, but I at least wanted to let y'all know of the dates so that you can get them blocked off on your calendar and the "tweeks" we will be making from this summer's Miller event.

Thanks in advance and I DO hope to see many you on track next August in New Jersey! :banana:

Jeff Lacina
Lead Instructor
SVTOA On Track Performance Driving Clinics
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Aug 19, 2007
I live about 10 minutes from that park. Is this just for SVT's? Or all Mustangs?