2009 Ford Mustang 45th Anniversary Logo


Admin Dude
Nov 29, 1999
Auburn, AL
This week, Ford has increased the fuel to the fire for those seeking out intel on the 2009 Ford Mustang. With the 45th Anniversary editions to hit lots very soon, we are just as excited as the rest to see the new badge unveiled for mass consumption. This horseshoe pony logo will adorn the front fenders on most of the 2009 Mustangs, with exception of some special editions, such as Shelbys, the Bullitt, and the Warriors in Pink. Check out a better shot of the badge inside, as well as a walk back in history of the other Anniversary badges. View attachment 317085 </img> View attachment 317086 </img> View attachment 317087 </img> View attachment 317088 </img> View attachment 317089 </img> View attachment 317090 </img>