Apr 1, 2018
WTB 1989.5 Mustang GT Fastback


This is what my baby looked like. This is my preferred choice.

I am looking for a 25th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang GT Fastback with manual transmission. The 1989.5 is preferred, but a 1990 with the 25th Anniversary badge will work.

I prefer the Bright Regatta Blue over Bright Silver, but I will consider red/silver, solid red, black/silver, solid black, solid white, burgundy/silver, solid burgundy, and preferably with gray interior. Paint needs to be near mint and interior needs to be exceptionally clean.


Prefer as much stock equipment without major mods. Prefer factory wheels, but will consider aftermarket wheels with Mustang logo.


Everything needs to work. A/C must be cold, cruise must function perfectly, fog lights and rear defrost must function, stereo can be stock or quality aftermarket. The hood insulation with the Pony logo must be present. It is OK if an alarm system with remote fobs is installed. It is OK if the windows are tinted provided the tint is legal and flawless.


Most importantly, it must be road ready to drive home to Southeast AL.

Pricing should be reflective of condition. Concours cars should be in line with Hagerty's.


I know, I sound picky. I owned my 89.5 dream pony car from off the factory transport until the engine blew in 99. It broke my heart to get rid of her, but my life circumstances forced the issue. That decision that has haunted me since. I am retired and money is a factor, but I can make it work for the right price.

Please, no negative comments. Positive comments and leads are welcome.

The pictures are examples of colors I like.
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