2011-14 5.0 Upr Catch Can & Vent Tube


ALWAYS choose the V over the P!!! Wait... what?
Jan 5, 2011
Fort Myers, Florida
Here at UPR, we were discussing the unsightly OEM vent tube which runs from the driver's side valve cover over to the intake tube, with its foam lining and huge black & white sticker. As unattractive as that tube is, its offensive nature is compounded by the contrast it makes with UPR's gorgeous Pro Series Catch can and Braided Hoses, so we had to do something about it.

We created this Pro Series Vent Tube, using Goodyear Braided Hose, Billet Aluminum Hose Ends, and OEM Ford Snap Fit Connectors.



Installed with UPR's Pro Series Catch Can, the Pro Series vent tube looks awesome, and the catch can does a great job of trapping the oil vapor before it reaches the intake manifold. Here's a quick video we made which shows the installation of both pieces on my 2011 5.0:

Check out the video to see how easy it is to install these pieces, and how great they look on the Coyote 5.0. If you'd like to pick these parts up for your Mustang, give us a call at 561.588.6630 or visit www.uprproducts.com. Don't forget to take advantage of UPR's forum discount!
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