2012 V6 Transmission Recall


New Member
Jul 31, 2019
My 2012 Mustang only has 38,991 miles on it and I am the original owner. It has been well maintained. Yesterday it went into "limp mode" and I was almost in an accident (Atlanta traffic). Pulled into NTB and they told me the fault code was PO735 and related to the transmission, and of course I should take it to a dealership. There was also no data stored related to the code which they felt was odd. There have been (2) recalls related to transmissions but my VIN is not part of it.... I am thinking it should be. I called Ford and tried to escalate the problem. Has anyone else had similar transmission problems on 2012's not covered by the recall. I'm taking it to a dealership tomorrow and I know they will be of no help and gouge me.

Any advice?
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