SOLD 2013 Boss 302 Ls - No. 502 - Black - 1,106 Miles

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Jan 30, 2017
Chicago, IL
After much deep thought and consideration, I have decided to sell my Boss 302. I originally purchased the car to be tracked, but life has gotten in the way and I simply have not been able to track it or use it they way it was intended to be used.

Car Facts
  • Car is clean!
  • Car has never been tracked.
  • I am the original owner.
  • I purchased it from a Ford dealer in Arizona and had it shipped to me in Illinois.
  • Car is currently sleeping in my heated garage for the winter, as it has since I acquired it.
  • Car has never seen snow or rain.
  • The car is stock, with the exception of window tinting done by the dealer before I even purchased.
  • Track key is enabled.
  • Front splitter is not installed (to keep it street legal in Illinois) but I have it along with all parts.
  • Brake cooling ducts installed.
  • Exhaust restricter plates removed and I still have them to go with the car.
  • Owner kit included with window sticker and Boss cover.
  • Front license plate installation shown in pictures is completely reversible - no holes drilled. It is mounted with an upside down F-150 bracket that is between the chin spoiler and the bumper and cable tied.
Location: Chicagoland area, Illinois
Price: $44,000

Feel free to PM me with questions.

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