2014 Mustang GT winter tires?


New Member
Nov 20, 2016
Hey all. Located in Minnesota and I'll be buying some winter tires soon. Tire Rack and other sites recommend 235/50/18 which is the OEM spec. I will be keeping my OEM wheels as my winter wheels, so looking for tires only.

I understand narrower tires will perform better, so 225 or 235's would work. My confusion is about the middle number (aspect ratio HW). The OEM spec is 50. If I have a 225/45/18 set, would that not fit? I understand the 225/235 (width of tire in mm) and the 18 (diamater in inches) but don't know how exactly the ratio affects fitment.

I found these and want to know if they'd fit: https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/dak/wto/d/saint-paul-michelin-ice-xi3-snow-tires/6997847644.html

Also, any idea how much it would cost to have current tires taken off and new set mounted?

Thanks in advance.
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