2015 V6 Vacuum Line Replacement


New Member
Nov 7, 2018
Fort Collins

So I have a vacuum line replacement sitting on my kitchen table. I attempted to replace it when, at one of the removal points, hissing occurred. I'll be frank, I have no idea what I'm doing (I know how to follow instructions and how to use tools, but am no...pro mechanic). The reason for said replacement is I get the Misfire code from cylinders 3+4. It doesn't bog down all the time but intermittently. I've already replaced the coils and the spark plugs, and vacuum line was on the list of things to replace if said bogging of engine happens.

I suppose my question is: Is the hissing normal or will I need do extra steps first? I do have the part page that I got it from (which should include part numbers etc...), which I hope will help anyone see what I'm talking about.

I do hear a hissing noise when the engine is on, toward the front of the engine by the air intake (I"m not mechanically sound it's where the filter goes up the front, into the intake manifold).

Page: https://www.oemfordpartsjackyjones....9bXVzdGFuZyZ5PTIwMTUmdD12NiZlPTMtN2wtdjYtZ2Fz

Any help would be greatly appreciated. My car is my job and well-being.

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