24lb MAF and 30lb Injectors, could cause a miss?


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Sep 5, 2001
Could running a 24lb MAF and 30lb Injectors cause my car to have a slight miss when I let off the gas?? I have the Fuel pressure set at 32-33 lbs. I am having a dyno tune done next week. My tuner said he could compensate for the difference between the MAF and the Injectors, just notice a flutter in my rpm guage when I let off the gas a few times while driving the car home. Also do you think it will hurt to drive the car 4 hours to the dyno with this combo or should it be hauled?
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good deal, he is a superchips dealer, gonna get a tune with custom chip, I ditched the 24lb injectors and went with the 30's so I could get rid of the FMU for the suercharger
Sweet deal man, I am ready to get started on my 86 4 cyl coupe soon, I gotta decide on what color to paint it when I change out the motors. It's red now but I am wanting to go black, but that would make me 2 black coupes. Damn the decisions! :mad: