For Sale 25.5k$, Raleigh, NC, 2015 Mustang Gt Premium >45k miles


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Jun 30, 2019
North Carolina
My baby is up for grabs It's an s550 Deep impact blue with 401a option(fully loaded) (just over 40k miles will go up)
Borla Atak catback
Airraid CAI
Koni suspension
Michelin 4s super sport 275s(front) 305s(rear)
Velgen 20in wheels (one is scrapped front driver)
New Performance rotors and pads just went on*
Minor rock chips and such
Driver front wheel scrapped
AC is blowing hot (already had ford look at it)

Service records available on request
Oil changed every 5k never tracked I had a lot of fun in this car going to miss it, but super excited for my M3!
Feel free to text me i dont usally see thread comments
Located in NC Raleigh area!


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