4.6 Cobra or 5.0 Cobra?

Hey guys! Its been a while since I've been on here. Well I sold my 97' GT a little over a year ago after I got a new 07' Focus for graduation. My GT had been having problem after problem and my dad was having to pay for it, and was tired of it. So he bought me a new car that he felt would be reliable. Anyways...I've been working, saving, and wishing for another Mustang for almost a year now, and narrowed the list down to a few options. First I only had 96' to 98' Cobras on my mind, I guess I just love that body style, and the only newer ones in my price rang have too many miles. Oh and most 96' to 98' Cobras out there in my range seem to have 70,000 miles or more on them. But recently I found a 94' 5.0 Cobra in my range and it only has 16,000 miles on it!! I test drove it earlier today and it seemed just as fast if not faster than my fairly heavily modded 97' GT. I know they only have 240hp and 285tq but I was wondering if those 5.0's have quite a bit of easily tapped potential. My first vehicle was a 95' 5.0 F-150 with 140,000 miles on it and 185,000 when I sold it. It had plenty of tranny problems but never any engine problems, so I know that engine is tough. I was mainly just curious as to what y'all would go for, a really low milage but equally priced 5.0 Cobra or a 70,000+ mile 4.6 Cobra? Obvisouly the 4.6 DOHC would have more power to start with, but would the 5.0 be able to be just as powerful with minimal mods, and then even more powerful with more mods? I'm not worried about dumping money into either of the two cars, thats one of the things I like to do, so thats not really much of a factor. Ok, thanks for any and all input.
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The 5.0 can make some killer power with the right heads/cam/intake setup. DOHC 4.6's respond alot better to bolt onts that SOHC 4.6's do though.

Either way they will be a fun car. 5.0's have more down low tourqe, 4.6's have a ton of up top pull.

They both sound good.

Parts for the 5.0 will generally be a bit cheaper.

Dunno, id be hard pressed for a very clean 94/95 5.0 Cobra if I ran across one... But then again, there is nothing like a 4v (DOHC) car!!!
The 94-95 Cobra's are pretty slow stock, but its only a H/C/I swap away from being just as fast, if not faster than a 97-98 Cobra.... I would get the low mileage 5.0 Cobra u looked at & save up for a Trickflow H/C/I package. That should be able to get you to almost 300rwhp with exhaust & a tune.....
Lol yeah I noticed that too, it was kinda confusing, like everyone thought the grass was greenier on the other side. But everyone seems to agree on the low mileage being the best, and I think having the 5.0 Cobra would be more unique. And I'm keeping my Focus, so it would be mainly a weekend car, and I could keep the miles down for a long time.