4 banger T5 + 3.73's for autocross?

4 banger T5 + 3.55's for autocross?

I have a chance to pick up some Ford 3.55's on the cheap. I have a 4 banger T5 going behind my 5.0 and this will be a track car for the local autocross events. I would like to run this at some HPDE events down the road. Car will be more for fun than trying to be competitive.
Is this too much gear for the 4 banger T5? I know first will be waaay steep.
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That is…until I whipped out my Bissell
Mod Dude
Feb 18, 2001
Typically i've left my trans in 2nd for most of the course when I autoX. That's with 3.27's though.

It might be pretty steep, and you may find yourself in 3rd msot of the time