42lb injectors with a Cobra ECU..What MAF???

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Nobody said:
So the Cobra ECU makes up for the 19lb MAF and 24lb injectors. What do you calibrate the MAF to for 42lb injectors? Who knows the answer to this one?

You really opened up a can of worms, lol........but
here we go if you wanna make the trip and understand about mafs & inj's!

First the basics with an example or two
Then you can link to some helpful specific details

A maf is about air flow ... not inj size.

You already know that the same maf is used on.................
A GT with 19's
A Cobra with 24's

Now to give you an idea of what I'm trying to explain about mafs & air flow

Look at my sig...see that I used that same maf with 30's

SAME maf with three different combos using three different sized inj's

How that is possible???????????
All three examples did NOT exceed the air flow that the stock maf can report to the pcm.

Now lets talk about fuel requirements using the same three examples

Ford thought the GT needed 19's
Ford thought the Cobra needed 24's
Grady thought his combo needed 30's

There was absolutely no maf calibration kind of thing you have heard about happening in any of our examples.

What DID happen was that.........................
The pcm for each example combo was TOLD the exact size inj' that was being used.

If you've stayed with me this far and are wondering about all this maf & inj stuff then I will give you a link and you will see how ProM fools the pcm or as most think, cals a maf for a certain size inj.

The link will expalin it way better than I can, lol.

After you check out the link things will make more sense so come on back and we will talk about this subjest some more if you wish.

I want to make it clear that this subject is one of the most misunderstood things about our 94-95 cars and it can really be difficult to get a grasp on how it all comes together but it will make for a really good discussion and I'll be happy to help............If I Can.

Here is the link http://www.superstang.com/maf.htm