5.0 cruise on my 4.6?


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Apr 2, 2004
I am trying to put cruise on my 98 gt.. manual..I'd like it to be stock Mustang cruise

I have found a guy with the parts but they're off a 5.0 (95 GT)

will they work?
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you should be o'k with that.

now i'm no mechanic but i do know that the mustang cruise is universal enough to also go into a 1987 f150. aslong as the buttons go i know the 95's and the and the year you have do have pretty much the same stearing wheel. :shrug:
Yeah, there's no reason the electronics should be any different. You probably even have most of the wiring needed, since I doubt Ford would bother having different harnesses for cruise and non-cruise models. They probably just have nothing plugged into the cruise wiring.
So even though the car she's putting the cruise on is a 4.6 and the donor car is a 5.0, it should still work?

What kind of problems is she looking at tho?
Shouldn't really be any. Just make sure she gets all the harness connectors that should be attached to all the CC pieces. She may need to use the steering wheel that it's attached to...not sure if the non-CC wheel has mount points for CC buttons.
We installed the wheel ourselves, replacing the old worn out unit. It just happened to have the buttons.

And everything plugged in inside the wheel, so I guess I'm wired for cruise.

I'm a bit out of my element here, as I'm more used to ripping apart engines than running wire :)