5 lug swap which spindles


Nov 12, 2006
I currently have 5 lug 4 wheel disc all the way around on my 89 LX. I bought the car this way. I am having problems getting a 16x8 95 style cobra R wheel on my vehicle. They hang out about a 1/2 up front and they are just about dead even with the edge of the fender in the rear. I know they used SN 94-95 spindles on the front. I dont know what they did on the rear. But I am now being told by a guy that works at Jegs that the spindles on the front are my problem. He claims that I need spindles off of a 86-92 mustang and that I need rotors from a Ranger that are all one piece with the bearings and that or it will not work. Does this info sound right or not. Like I said I know my spindles are SN94-95. My rotors I have now just slide on to the studs on the hub. Another question is if this info this guy gave me is inaccurate can I pull the hubs off of the spindles I have right now and just get rotors off a ranger and put those on is that possible and if so will it change anything so the wheels I bought will work? And if so what years ranger do I need to get rotors from? All I know about the rear of the car is that it is supposedly 28 spline rear axle and it is 5 lug with disc brakes
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Dude, your gonna spend alot more trying to do what the jegs guy said than you would if you just payed the shipping to send those wheels back. Get some wheels with 5.75 to 6'' of backspacing. That will move the outside edge of your wheel in over 3/4 of an inch. That about how much you need right?
Ranger rotors dont work. Lincoln Mark 7 rotors work, but with very few decent wheels. They only work with '86-'92 spindles though.

Going to that setup is a step backwards. The brakes will suck compared to the '94 setup.

I think the backspacing on your wheels is the problem.
O.K. thats cool. I found a 95 GT that has cobra R wheels on it. I am suppose to call the guy tomorrow and see if he will let me put a deposit down on just one of them and take it home and try it out. They are at a salvage yard. They are silver not chrome but anyways he wants 500 for them thats with the tires. 2 of the tires are pretty bad on tread and one wheel on the lip is bent just a little bit. I looked at them on the vehicle a couple of weeks ago but didn't have any money. Dont know if this is a good deal or not.
Also I measured the width of my wheelbase on the rear and the front and they are both at about 61 1/2 to 61 9/16 wide. I measured from hub to hub. Or to be exact I measured from under each caliper and from the front of the rotor surface that the wheel would sit up against.
The "R'' wheels should be 9" wide. 500.00 sounds like top dollar, especially with one being damaged. Take the damaged one home with you, mount it and spin it to make sure it isn't warped. Offer him 375.00 and see what he says.