65 dash wiring help!


Mar 24, 2018
So I bought several wiring harnesses for my ‘65 coupe from CJ Pony Parts over the last few weeks and am almost finished installing them, but now I find a few wires with nowhere to go and I can’t find them in any wiring diagrams online

So on the dash wiring harness (p/n WUD1),there’s a larger gauge black wire with a yellow stripe (picture 1) that exits the main harness near the right side of the gauges, it actually exits the harness with the wires for the right side gauges. In the exterior lighting, interior lighting and accessory wiring diagrams it looks like it is wire #37, but the diagrams show 37 going from the fuse box out to the starter solenoid. In this harness it runs in the dash harness starting at the headlight firewall connector through the harness (past the fuse box) and exits at the gauge wires and terminates in a bullet connector.

I also found black wire that exits the harness in the same location as the black/yellow wire, the black wire terminates in a large cylindrical female end for a bullet connector (picture 2). Is this where the black/yellow wire (possibly #37) connects?

Question 2. If you continue along the dash harness past the gauge wires and heading towards the main gauge feed disconnect on the firewall, there are two blue/red wires that exit the harness just before the brake switch wires (picture 5), the two blue/red wires are about 7” long and terminate in ring connectors. Where do these go?

Question 3. I bought the air conditioning wiring harness p/n W64AC, I don’t see anything like this harness around the underdash a/c unit at all. Where does the fused yellow and black harness plug in and where does the plain black wire plug in?

Last question: the headlight wiring harness (p/n WHL2B) and the dash harness (p/n WUD18) have all the connections for fog lights (picture 3). I then purchased the Scott Drake fog light switch with attached wiring pigtail. It has the exact same (identical) three pin connector (picture 4) that the dash harness has (not opposites, so they can’t connect), how does that work?

Any help with these would be greatly appreciated!


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I believe the black yellow, large gauge wire is the ignition power wire that runs up to the starter solenoid through the headlight wiring harness, but in all the wiring diagrams I have found online that black/ yellow wire comes into the dash harness and goes to the fuse block? Why would mine come out over by the passenger side of the gauge opening with a bullet connector? Where does that plug into?
Here are some pics with my notes on them from the part that I bought on the CJ Pony parts website. Tried their tech help and they were no help. The “tech” just said, “you would have to look at a wiring diagram for that, we don’t have a list of connectors and where they go.”

I explained that that was the issue, I looked at all the 64.5 through 66 wiring diagrams and have not found these wires where they actually are on the harness I received from them. No response...

Any help guys?


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Also, I solved the fog light connector issue. Scott Drake retrofit Kit fog light switch wiring does not plug into a dash harness that is wired for fog lights, they have the same connectors... so I bought the replacement fog light switch as it has the correct connector.

So still working on finding a home for the Black/yellow bullet connector wire and the large female (fused?) cannon plug connector on a black wire.