'66 Mustang alternator wiring quesiton

Andy Saleen

May 10, 2016
Hey, guys:

I've got a question that comes from my unfamiliarity with early Mustangs, '66's in particular. I got a new alternator pigtail harness from NPD the other day and it has a wire on it and I'm not sure exactly where it goes (please see attached pic...connector in question is circled in white). It appears to be a ground wire (black w/red stripe) with a large loop-style connector on the end. It looks like it may anchor to the passenger-side head by using the long bolt that hangs the alternator. Maybe it goes in between the spacer and the head?? Would just like some guidance on this before I make a blunder. Any help would be appreciated!!!

Thanks much,
Andy Walker
Edmond, OK
'89 Saleen #233


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