66 Mustang Coup Power Steering Gearbox questions


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Dec 11, 2019
So I have a 66 coup and have replaced the front end suspension. I drove the car about 60 miles with no issues with steering or anything. I had the car in the shop for about 3 months for paint and when i got it back to drive it home i noticed the steering had become very clunky. I got the front end up in the air and tested wiggle with both sides and found the driver side tire was wiggling left to right. I am not sure exactly what could be the issue but when the car is on the ground and i turn the steering wheel in the car the wheel hits a point and pops before the wheels start to move. I am wondering if anyone has ran into that issue before and what was done to fix it.
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May 17, 2018
Enterprise AL
When you say you replaced the front suspension do you mean refurbed/replaced with OEM or did you swap it for other stuff? Who did the work?

I haven't personally dealt with that issue, but would suspect that something was loose or worn out. Did you replace the steering box or rebuild it?

Can you get someone to turn the wheel back and forth so you can watch it move? That front end is simple. Cant be to much wrong with it.