66 turn signal help


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Apr 10, 2012
I have a major problem. I have a 66 mustang 289 v8. All original wiring except the radio and the heater core, which is now an air conditioning system. The turn signal has worked perfectly since I finished restoring the car (september 2011).

A few weeks ago, the turn signal just stopped working. It worked that morning. I left the car for about 3 hours, came back, drove off, turn signal doesn't work. I fiddled with the lever for a little bit. It would work spastically if I played with it enough. Then, it didn't work at all.

I thought it was the flasher since it was original to the car. I put a new flasher in, it still doesn't work. Next, I tested the power wire. It had power. I tested it in the flasher, it had power. I tested it with the other wire, it had power. I took the steering wheel off, no power at the signal switch.

I pulled out a wiring diagram to see how everything worked. The wires I have that go to the flasher are different from the diagram. Like said, the wiring is all original.

I have 2 wires going into one female prong, a red with white stripe and a light blue with white stripe. This prong has the power. The other female prong that connects to the male prong on the flasher is a single wire that is white with red stripe. (on a side note, I traced that wire to a 4 female pronged connector. The connector isn't connected to anything and never has connected to anything. Idk what that is. It might be my heater core connector. But idk). The wires I have in the steering column are correct. Solid blue and solid green on the turn signal switch, green with orange stripe and orange with blue stripe going to the tail lights.

I have no idea what else to do. Can you guys see a problem with any of this?? The thing that baffles me is that it worked before. And it quit working while it was just sitting there. Thanks in advance!
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