'67-'68 Headers - deal of the Century...


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Sep 3, 2018
Monrovia, California



These RCI Custom Headers were built for a customer that no longer needed them (his car was stolen I think, before he could install them). They have never been used or even bolted on. They are designed to fit any ’67-’68 Mustang, with a 351W engine, and either AFR-195/205, or World Products, or Dart Cylinder heads (all using the optional 3” wide bolt pattern). They are 1 ¾” primaries with 3” collectors. They have also been Polished Ceramic Coated. They will fit around any automatic trans or any manual trans that uses a hydraulic or cable operated clutch linkage (the OEM Z-Bar clutch linkage will not work).
The original price for these headers was $1,039.00 ($679 for the headers plus $360 for the Ceramic Coating). They are in a box ready to go out the door to the first person that emails me (with a return phone number). Price - $500.00 (plus whatever it costs to ship it to you). Credit cards only. Our email is [email protected] (and my email displays the time your email arrives in my inbox).
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