69 GT coupe for sale

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Aug 21, 2002
lubbock, texas
well, i'm finally going to sell my car. asking $28,000 for it.

it is an M-code GT, with FMX auto, 3.25 open 9", ps, factory air (works too!!!!), factory power discs, acacpulco blue and black deluxe interior with somewhat rare clock delete panel. car was originally lime gold with ivy gold standard interior and black top.

engine wise, it has a 351w from a 70,000 mile 73 galaxie 500 that originally belonged to my great grandmother and she took really good care of it. the short blcok is all standard with only the crank being turned .010/.010, the rest is all original short block, with new rings, all new bearings including cam berings, oil pump, gaskets, etc.. heads are D0OE and are stock with just a 3 angle valve job. edelborck performer intake, 625 road demon carb and a speed pro cam with 214/226 duration @.050 and .472/.496 lift. it has the stock autolite dizzy with a mallory unilite conversion and hedman shorty headers with 2.5" exhaust all the way out with turbo mufflers and stock style chrome quad tips. compression is right at 9:1 so it runs great on 87 octane gas. the engine has all the original 69 accessory drives with a new alternator and voltage regulator, new starter, new TRW water pump and a new ps pump. basically everything under the hood is new, wires cables, belts, hoses, 3 core radiator, fan clutch and all the little stuff that most people never really think about.

the trans is an FMX and is original to the car, it has been rebuilt and has a mild shift kit and a new stock convertor.

rearend is a 3.25 geared open 9" and is also original to the car except for the pumpkin which i changed back in high school for the 3.25 unit out of a wrecked 69 mach 1 at the wrecking yard that was pretty low mileage, can't remember exactly how low the mileage was though and it's got about another 20-30k on it since then. it's the perfect gear for the setup in the car currently and doesn't whine or anything like that. it has all new wheel seals and pinion seal as well.

suspension, steering and brakes: the car has all new suspension and steering throughout.

up front it has 750 1" drop coils with opentracker roller perches, NEW upper and lower control arms, all new bushings, kyb gas-a-just shocks, all new ps hoses , rebuilt ps control valve, new inner and outer tie rods and sleeves, original but tight steering gear box and a 1" sway bar. brakes are factory power disc, with new calipers, rotors, pads, hardware kits and wheel bearings and seals.

rear suspension and brakes: 5 leaf mid-eye springs with rubber eye bushing and poly shackle bushings. shocks are kyb GR-2's and the brakes have been redone with new shoes, wheel cylinders, hardware kits all new parking brake cables including the one that connects to the pedal and the original drums only needed turning.

interior: new carpet, new deluxe door panels, new headliner, new deluxe upholstery, new dash pad, many of the interior woodgrain pieces are new, it has a new heater core, all new weatherstripping, original center console (i have a new deluxe ribbed lid for it just haven't installed it yet), the steering wheel is a deluxe 3 spoke sport wheel from a mustang II with an extremely rare pony and tri-bar (red white and blue) horn button with a lace on leather wrap. has a JVC cassette deck with dual 4" speakers in the dash and 6x9's in the rear package tray which is also new and has been covered in black vinyl that matches the upholstery, it has new interior screw kit installed and new dome light as well. the interior is extremely nice, just like new.

exterior: paint is acapulco blue with black GT stripes and blackout hood, headlight coves and taillight panel, it's very nice paint especially for a driver or weekend show and shine but i wouldn't call it show quality or at least concours show quality. it does have one small rust spot coming through on the passenger quarter where it meets with the rocker panel, it's small though about the size of a half dollar. it has shelby side scoops and the hood scoop is original and the hood pins are new stock replacements for the originals. bumpers are Nordan and from before they started having problems a couple years ago. all the chrome on the car is either new or has been buffed and polished. the vinyl top is also new. the windshield is new as well.

wheels and tires: wheels are 17x8 edelbrock 454's with 245/45-17 Falkens and had less than 200 miles on them when i got them and there is a matching spare wheel, doesn't have a tire on it though.

pics can be seen here: http://www.1969stang.com/gallery/bnickel69gt
there are some build pics in there as well, mostly from the body shop. if anyone needs any more specific info feel free to PM me or shoot me an email.

if anyone is interested you can email at [email protected] or just shoot me a PM
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