Expired 79 - 93 Mustang Cobra, Turbo Coupe 8.8 Axle With Sn95 5 Lug Disk Brakes

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May 24, 2009
I have here a 1993 Cobra/ Turbo coupe rear end that i had modified to fit in my 86 mustang gt. i drilled 2 holes on the quad shock bracket to fit my 86 gt, so if this is going into a fox mustang, than its a direct bolt on. otherwise you wont need to use the bracket. i have converted the axles to 5 Lug rear disk brackes. the axle has a new pumpkin gasket, and new axle seals. the gear ratio is 3.73 with Traction Lok.
now whats included:
you will get the rear axle, caliper brake lines, caliper bracket, sway bar, and dust shields.

Asking $500

*doesn't included rear calipers, if you want them add $60, and brand new stoptech sloted rotors add additional $120. thanks local shipping only. Sold as is

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Not open for further replies.