85 Mustang Rear End Help

85 mustang project

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Sep 6, 2013
i have a 85 mustang with a 7.5 rear end in it and Im doing the v8 swap I was just wundering what year of 8.8 rear ends will bolt right in and if I can get them out of a pickup or other car or doesn't it matter as long as its a 8.8 thanks for the help
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Any 8.8" rearend out of a Fox Mustang will "bolt in." That being said, I don't think Fox Mustangs had 8.8" rears until '85 or '86. IIRC, the brake lines are routed differently so you'll need to work that out as well. Additionally, 8.8" rears out of Fox Thunderbirds or SN-95's should bolt in but have a slightly wider track.
There should be some threads covering this on the site, probably in the 5.0 section as most people who do the V8 swap end up there.


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Feb 18, 2001
i think im going to do it right and just start off with a 8.8 what vehicle can I get a 8.8 out of theres not many mustangs around where im from will one work out of a ford pickup n what years

86-93 Mustang 5.0 with drum brakes
86-90 Thunderbird/Cougar with drum brakes
94-98 Mustang GT/Cobra for 5-lug rear disks (keep in mind will require additional mods for e-brake and front brake and MC modifications as well)
87-88 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe with 4-lug disk brakes (will require MC swap as well)