*'87-'95 Heads, Cam, Intake Install Help

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'87-'95 Heads, Cam, Intake Install Help - install, intake, manifold, cylinder head, swap, camshaft, HCI

Checklist and Suggested Parts:

Parts are specific for 87-93 although most parts are the same for 94/95.
Head Gaskets - ROL-HG32841HR (.039) or ROL-HG32841HT (.045)
Lower Intake Gasket – FEL-MS93334 (stock) or FEL1250S
Upper to Lower Intake Gasket – Depends on Intake Used.
Valve Cover Gaskets* - FMS-M-6584-A50 (OEM)
Thermostat Gasket - FEL-35440
Timing Cover/Front Seal/Water Pump/Oil Pan U Gasket Kit - FEL-TCS45449
Water Pump Gasket - FEL-35211 (Plate to Block), FEL-35380 (Pump to...

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