Engine 8548 PT2 Head Gasket orientation (reversible?) - SOLVED


Aug 7, 2018
Redoing my top end on my 95 GTS. In my bargain-bin exploring, I got a NOS Ford Motorsports cylinder head kit (PN: IS-M-6051-A50) for $20. I guess this is still currently being produced by FRPP. The kit comes with head gaskets, valve cover gaskets, and full set of head bolts for each side. The head gaskets are graphite and marked with the Ford logo on one end, and opposite end 'Fel-Pro'. These are going on with my aluminum Edelbrock Performer heads.

When I went to put it together, noticed something odd about the gasket orientation. While its obvious which way is UP due to the water jackets, the gaskets have no markings other than just 'FRONT'. and that's marked on both sides. My question is, are these gaskets possibly reversible? The Ford PN on the gaskets is (F6TE-6051-KA). If you search it on Fel-Pro's website they say their PN is (8548 PT-2). Far as I can tell, this is the same gasket but their product info says nothing to the tune of 'reversible' or 'use on either side'


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