Fox 87+ door panels screw help


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Mar 6, 2000
Portland, OR
Finally put my pass side door panel on this weekend. It has been off the car since I purchased it in April. There were no screws in it other than the main ones for the arm rest when I took it off. The drivers side does not have any either. I do have a bag of misc screws that was in the pile o parts that came with the car. Can someone tell me what the correct Philips screws are for the arm rest, as well as the lower speaker cover? Thanks guys...
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Feb 18, 2001
When I redid my interior, I replaced all the screws. The vast majority are #8 phillips oval head screws. 2”, 1.5” and 1”

Another common interior screw is #8 X 1.2” long phillips pan head screws

I believe the rear armrest screw is the 1” and the top one near the switches is the pan head style that screws into the door panel only. Going off memory here

I think the lower speaker cover is the 1.5” but a 1” might reach fine.

This covers most of your fox body screw needs. I think the hatch interior quarter panels have a single 3” each as well.
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