89 fox body 5.0 cylinder heads

Oct 9, 2018
i have a 5.0 stock right now i just took apart i have stock e7 heads but i plan on making a 347 stoker out of it what are the best cylinder heads i should get to get the most power out of my engine?
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Jul 12, 2018
People are mostoften happy with the below- balance. Heads are worth 40-90 HP., and if normally aspirated- among the most important power adders.Running
Many on a shoestring budget, or others that just like running with this very potent and popular combo, a set of 90’s Explorer GT40, GT40P Iron Heads & the Lower Intake, locate a Cobra’s Upper-they’re out there. Those are about the best flowing production Heads Ford ever made in this category. Porting the lower will make a difference, moreso P&P the Heads, too. 89’s have Forged Internals- geat Motor to Build.
With all the many typical add on’s, Hor Cam (Alphabet Cam’s are OK, E.G. E303, but there’s SO much better), EEC Tune & Gears, 70MM TB, 24lb Injectors & Matched MAF, etc..you’ll see 12s or better in a highly streetable package. Total spend 2,500-3K.$
If you’re looking for More, let the Machine Shop have at it, assemble. Back in once the Blocks been Boiled, Honed, align Bored and/or Honed, clearances, reassembled, put a Blower Cam in it, run a Kenne Bell Supercharger- nail 700HP, and 750Ft/Lbs with the GT40 Heads, save $$. Spend it on Brakes, Tires, Rims, etc. and have a pristine ride that runs on Pump gas, breaking 10’s on Street Slicks...
If you want some good Aluminum Heads, I’d go for the Twisted Wedge 170cc Heads, they cost about 1,800$. Flow is close to the Edelbrock Performer Heads, proved a little more reasonably priced.AM sells both, Summit has some with similar flow ratings, little less cost, and can be CNC Ported. You’ll be paying from 1,500$-2,000$ for a set of Heads, and may not have the Springs, etc recommended for the Cam you select.
How Radical do you want this to be? Street/ Strip, Strip, pro Street, or fast, lopey, loud & reliable?


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May 15, 2018
If you’re doing a 347 get some 205cc 11r heads and call it a day. With a good intake and a custom cam and fuel system you’ll make 400hp thru a t5 based trans all day.


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Dec 14, 2010
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"Best heads" and "most power" are subjective statements. How much do you want to make?

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