92 GT Interior Reno


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Dec 7, 2007
Buffalo, NY
I got this car last August from a buddy and it had been sitting for 3 1/2 years needing some attention. I decided (after he finally offered :) ) to give it the attention it was missing. I have done a few misc. things but here are some pics of my first real project. Hope you all like them and give some feedback :nice: or :notnice: . Just want to see what you all think.











What are anyones thoughts on doing the entire dash black?






Hope to have the rest finished tomorrow night and start putting the car back together this weekend. Also replacing the carpet with black, headliner with black, and adding some new silver/reverse glow gauges, mice. billet accessories, custom door panel covers (for where the map pockets were), custom dash panel for radio & a/c relo, new stereo system all the way around, and misc. other items.

Hope you guys like the progress/work so far.:SNSign:
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Get some pics up when you're done. You are off to a good start. I would leave the dash black and grey since the rest of the interior is grey.

BTW...Nice choice on the SEM products. That is what I used, but I just bought the paint and clear. I didn't buy the prep/soap/primer. I didn't even see that stuff at the store. I am happy with how my quarter trim panels look, but that stuff scratched off in a couple of places. Luckly I don't let people ride in the back seat, so it won't get worse. It touches up very easy though.
I will definately post more pics Thursday of everything dyed and Monday probably of the car back together. Thanks for the advice on the dash - just not sure what will look better since I am changing the carpet, headliner, and arm rests to black (trying to go more black than grey) but I do like how it is split - kinda ties the console and doors into it.
+1 on the grey dash. Great looking work, looks like most of the panels can be touched up and cleaned save for the rear driver 1/4 window/hatch piece which will need to be replaced or repaired.
+1 on the grey dash. Great looking work, looks like most of the panels can be touched up and cleaned save for the rear driver 1/4 window/hatch piece which will need to be replaced or repaired.

Yeah I tried to repair best I could for now - have been looking for one since I got the car and the closest I found was another one that was cracked almost as bad!!:notnice: I am planning on putting a couple 12" Punch Woofers and amp in and was planning on building up the floor to house the amp(s) and hide all the wiring and hide that piece that is cracked. Won't be able to see it when I am done but you really can't fix something like that - tried with 2 part epoxy You can see the difference from what it looked like before I fixed it in the pics - actually looks better now!! Not good though.
Why not put a brand new carpet in? It really goes a long way to making the interior look new again

I am :nice: . Changing the carpet to black as well. The car was originally mostly titanium gray with black trim - I wanted to have it a little more black so changing the headliner to black, carpet, and dyed the arm rests black. The rest is getting a little darker grey dye just to even everything out from fading, etc. Basically now the main door panels, lower dash/console and rear quarters (except around the quarter windows) will be the only gray. Oh and the seats are staying stock for now too. Haven't decided if I am going to or what to replace them/recover them.

Here are some new pics from last night. Got everything else dyed and clearcoated and will be ready to start reassembly this weekend. Have to run my amp wire, amp leads, etc. and am thinking about rerouting that main wire bundle running on the firewall inside before I close her back up - but not sure if I want to tackle that now. I want to get her back on the road since the weather is finally turning nice up here. Let me know what you guys think and I will post more pics when I have her back together.








I know some probably won't like the seats done but I am going to replace them someday soon hopefully and I wanted them to at least look cleaned up for now until I decide what to replace them with. Any suggestions let me know..