93 Mustang GT - No crank


Mar 17, 2022

I am coming to you for some advise/ideas for my no crank situation with my 93 Mustang GT. I have tested the battery with a load tester and it shows "good battery". I have changed the starter motor, solenoid and both positive and negative battery terminal cables. I have also changed the ignition switch on the right side of the steering wheel and the computer/ECU as well. I do need to specify that the new ECU is a mega squirt by DIYauto. The reason for me changing the computer is due to my research of this no crank situation. I found out that the cause of my dash not lighting up the "check engine" light was due to a bad ECU. So that’s why I purchased the mega squirt. I did go thru the first screen of the setup and I installed it in my car but I still cannot make the engine to crank. I only hear a click and nothing else. I am providing a picture to show you my dash. Does anybody has any suggestions to my no crack situation?? Thanks in advanced.


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