94 3.8 mustang Turning over but not firing


New Member
May 12, 2008

My GF owns a 94 mustang 3.8 and the engine will turn over but won't fire. She turned the engine off and left it off for 3 hours. When she came back the engine wouldn't start. We thought the problem was a fuel pump since the pump wasn't making noise when we turned the key. We replaced the fuel pump and the new fuel pump didn't help. I assume there's no spark because the pump still isn't pumping fuel through the filter. Anybody have any idea? I haven't checked the spark plugs, but i took off the wires and there weren't any burns.
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First check fuel pressure and see what it is. If you are turning on the key wanting to hear the fuel pump listen close because it will only run for a few seconds to prime and shut off. Also check for spark and make sure you dont have any. After these are known then we can help you better.