94 Cobra Cam question


Feb 24, 2004
HI, i hope this belongs in tech! My friend has a 94 Cobra and he wants to put in a new cam, he was thinking of E303 but i have heard that they come with e303 but i have also heard that the cobra cams suck and they don't have e303's in them. WHat are the specs on the cobra cam or are they e303's? Also what cam would work the best with a 94 cobra, if you guys have any suggestions he would appriciate it. Thank you
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The Cobra cams are not the E cam. I'm pretty sure that they are just the 5.0 HO cam, albeit with 1.72 RR's. If he does go with the E cam, he'll propbably have to upgrade his stock springs. IMO, I'd go with another cam choice, but thats just me.