94 GT help needed


New Member
Feb 26, 2010
Dalton, GA
I just got a 94 mustang GT 2 days ago. I do not know anything about wiring, not mechanical at all honestly, but my sunroof dont work. It makes no sound like its trying to open. Anyone know what I could/should do to get it working?

Also my driver door sags would bushings work? How do I know what it is? LOL sorry I know..

Thanks in advance
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The SN95 Mustang did not come factory with a sunroof, due to the roof line.

The best I can offer is to find the name of the manufacturer and see if you can look them up on something like Google, and try to find some information that way.

The sagging driver's door is most likely due to worn out door hinges.
You said the driver's side door sags. Are you referring to when the door is closed or open? Or all of the time?

I ask because my driver's side door on my 95 GT sags as well, but only when it is closed. My problem is that I am missing one of the little rubber stops that is on the door striker latch. When the door is closed, it doesn't seat properly on the latch, which makes the door sit lower than it should. Also, on mine, you can, if you look close, see that the top of the door is not only sagging but is actually sitting in too far. It took me like a week of constantly looking and scratching my head before I actually noticed that the stupid little rubber piece had fallen off. Now, just need to wait for the part to get here...

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Of course, that will be totally useless if your problem is different than mine...