95 wont start

The car runs great, but went outside to move it out of the garage and its not starting. Tried this morning and same thing. Now I checked my battery terminals and they are ok, my interior and exterior lights are good and when I turn the key accessories are okay, but when I try to turn it on, all I hear is a click. Now, where is the starter motor exactly, what can I do to check it out. I think the ground to the starter is okay because it does click it just doesn't turn the motor. But who knows maybe distributor? But it ran great a day ago. Please anybody lol. :shrug:
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"How long does it take to get help in here?
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Nov 29, 1999
It's not the dizzy. It's going to be a battery, battery cable, motor ground, starter or possibly a starter interlock issue.

It seems like I see folks waste time chasing fixes because they make bad assumptions (not the case here bud, but it is easy to do on no-crank threads. I've done it myself). Use a jumper battery with yours (to help rule that out). Use a jumper cable to make a temporary motor to chassis ground. Use another spare jumper cable to parallel existing cables to see if one is deficient. For example, I might run a jumper from the starter-cable's post on the starter to the positive battery terminal. If it now starts, that cable or it's connections have an issue.

Do you lose your radio presets or have your dome light dim really badly when you go to start it?

Good luck.

So yeah I replaced the battery terminal clamp boogers and the car started, but now seems to not start here and there. So its not as reliable as I want it. Which wire is the ground for the starter? What are those two small black wires they screw into the frame? If they all go to the same terminal, shouldn't they all be grounded even if they aren't grounded properly to the frame (the small ones). But yeah most definitely a grounding problem or could this be a confound variable? (who says I don't use my education lol. Thank you for your replies gents.