96-98 Cobra


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Feb 5, 2004
Ok folks, I have been looking at Mustangs forever and I think that I should go ahead and spring for a 96-98 Cobra. Should be a lot faster than a GT, possibly more reliable, need less mods to go as fast as I desire (not crazy at all), and the thing will look the way I want it too.

What are some things I should look out for? I have seen some milage anywhere between 75,000 to 140,000 and the price differences aren't that great either. I don't really want to spend more than $9,000 and I want a car that has no mods at all. Do you think this is possible? How many miles do you think these cars are good for? Should a 98 be sought after more so than a 96? My guess that it would be better to get a lower mileage 96 than a higher 98.

I would just like all the pros and cons of these cars that anyone can think of. What should I specifically pay attention to when looking at them?

Thanks a ton,

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I looked around for a year before I bought my Cobra, and I think I made out pretty well...I got a 98 triple black Cobra in great condition for 12,500.00 - with 52,000 miles. The best part is, it was bone stock and the owner was a 50 year guy who didn't race it or screw around with it. So my advice is to look around, and don't feel the need to get something right away. And that you will pay a premium for a Cobra or GT in the summer than if you were to purchase in the winter. As for the differences betweem the 96 and 98's, I'm sure someone here can answer that better than me but all I know is that they have different wheels and I believe the 98's had slightly more horsepower. Good luck in your search!

You made the topic before I could. Hello I just joined and am looking for a 95-99 cobra for the right price. I love the look of the 96-98. I have not driven any of them but I found quite a few on Ebay and am currently watching about 15 of them. So what are the pro's and cons? I personally want to find a 98 with under 75k red or black with a few bolt on's nothing to drastic for under 11k. This will be my first stang and I have wanted one my whole life. Now if I can just find the perfect car. Here is a sweet 95 that I got the high bid on but he says he has 22k in it and wants near 16k? I can't see spending anywhere near that but it is one of the nicest 95's I have ever seen and check out the mileage. Let me know what you think guys....Frank

Hey LBZ-COBRA, I looked at your sig and I thought it was ironic because I bought my 98 cobra a little over a month ago and the car I had before that was a 1996 Probe GT which I am currently trying to sell.