98 Cobra or keep 99 Gt

1998 Cobra or keep my 99 GT?

  • Forget the GT, and enjoy a 4V Monster.

    Votes: 19 82.6%
  • Forget the Cobra, and enjoy your 2V Monster.

    Votes: 4 17.4%

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Nov 14, 2003
I just wanted to get your opinions. There's an 98 Atlantic Blue Cobra at a local dealership for sale and I was wondering if I should keep my car or pursue possibly getting the Cobra. The car has 48k miles and my current car has 40k. I've always heard of people comparing 99+ Cobras and GT's, but never 96-98 Cobras to 99+ GT's. Let me know what you think.
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If you want to really go to town and MOD the car a 98 DOHC motor is an awesome platform to build upon.

Now, if you haven't paid the GT off yet I'd recommend keeping the GT and MODDing it. :) Besides, if it keeps eating at you .... you can pick up a 98 Cobra later after the GT is paid for and then you go to town. ;)

I think it's more of a financial question than which is better.
Stus99GT said:
Well I found out some more about the 98 Cobra, it has installed: Jet hot coated long tube headers and H-pipe, Flowmaster exhaust system, 4.10 gears, upgraded throttle body, and a K&N air filter. Does that help any with the decision??

With all those mods and traction, that car should be in the high 12's. The 4V motors love to revv and just keep on pulling. Go test drive that beast, and I think your decision will be made. If the acceleration doesn't get you, then the eargasm you will get hearing the 4V revv to 7000rpm with full exhaust will. :flag:
See, I think I would go and drive it first. The way I look at it is, if its got mods already in it, I think that shows the car may have been beaten on(keyword MAY). I mean, its not exactly true, you dont really know, but it just to me its seems logical. But then again, maybe he just decided to upgrade, and doesnt beat the hell out of the car, and then your looking at a few free mods in a sense that you dont have to do yourself. So I'd go drive it, see what it feels like. If it feels pretty good, and nothing seems way out of shape, definately go with the 4v.
Besides, if you tell someone you have a Cobra, and someone who knows their cobras that its Atlantic Blue, your gonna get more props for that than the Gt i would think.
Since you know about the history of your car, why don't you just upgrade your car when the time comes. A nice fully built bored out SOHC engine with a supercharger perhaps? SOHC engine blocks are teh cheap campared to the DOHC cousins. Plus, the suspension and stuff you can upgrade your car to Cobra specs or better.