98 GT - Security system issue


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May 31, 2003

Just bought a 98 GT today, a few years ago I had a 95 GT. Anyways, it seems to be a good car. But I had a quick question on the security system.

The car came with two keys, one a Ford key and another some duplicate. When I turn the ignition off after driving, the Theft light starts flashing. If I open the door, hit the locks, the Theft light remains solid. I'll close the door, the car will be all locked up, and the Theft light remains lit for another 20-30 seconds. Then once the Theft light starts flashing the horn and lights go off. It is only shut off by putting the key in the door and unlocking it. I can then relock the door by using the outside door lock. The Theft light won't flash anymore and no more alarms.

What is the issue? How is this fixed?

Many thanks,

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Uh, let's see, your theft light is blinking and your alarm goes off... yeah that doesn't sound like a PATS issue to me :rolleyes:

I've found that it's hit or miss with dealerships here (Phoenix). I took it to one dealership (I had a PATS starting issue with my 98 cobra as in it wouldn't), and they said that they think it might be the PATS transceiver but that they couldn't get the part because it was discontinued... so I walked 50 feet to THEIR parts store and ordered one...

That still didn't fix it, had to take it to another dealership who accused me of a piece-meal cobra car even though EVERY vin number matched everywhere and said it was a 98 cobra. They finally fixed it by replacing the PATS transceiver and PATS module a year later.

As for your issue, does it happen with both keys? Or just the non-ford key? The only keys allowed by ford are: FORD ROTUNDA, ILCO, STRATTEC, HUF, AND VALEO. If it's not one of those, I recommend getting another Ford key and try to avoid the ginormous headache I had.