A/C Problems Please Help


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Mar 19, 2007
I have recently done a 5.0 conversion and I am trying to get the a/c working I have connected all the lines and i replaced the compressor, and the dryer. I turn a/c on max and my compressor clutch does not engage i checked the power and it isn't getting power however all the fuses are good can anyone shed some light on my problem for me.....Also i can not find the orfice tube location any help would be appreciated.
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try putting a jumper wire in the plug that goes to the pressure switch...sorry, no pics handy, but as viewed form the front of the car, it's in the back left corner of the engine bay, think its a purple and gray wire. with that jumped and the AC on the compressor should come on...if that's the case the r-135 is probably low, you can pick up a servicing kit at any parts store, even wally world has 'em. hope that helps, and try a search on here, I think I've put a pic of that press. switch on here before. good luck
Are you sure the system is completely charged? Maybe see if the system will take another can of freon. Check the system pressure, if it is within the limits it could be the high/low pressure switch. The pressure switch is the sensor that screws on top of the receiver drier. Remove the electrical connection from the top, using a piece of wire connect the two electrodes on the wire plug and not on the sensor itself. Check to see if the problem is solved. If this fixed the problem the sensor may be broken or could just have an oring stuck to the top of the inside (this is what happened to me). To replace or inspect the sensor twist it off, dont worry about releasing the freon because there is a schrader valve on the reciever drier. Check for an oring jammed up inside or replace the sensor along with new orings. That should do it :nice:

The orifice tube is inside of the ac line on the passenger side that goes from the condenser to the evaporator (from the front of the engine compartment to the rear), it may not be that visible because it is lower in the engine compartment running under the intake tube and aside of the headers.

Let us know if this fixed the problem.
Ok good and bad news i jumped the switch and was able to get the compressor clutch to spin however when the clutch did spin it was squealing and locked up after 30 seconds, i have a new compressor on order but i have another question when putting the new one back in how much oil if any am i suppose to add? some have said 6 oz. others have said none at all...

you just replaced the copressor and the new one broke too? That sucks, warranty?

The compressor definately needs oil. Not sure how much, something to look up in the Haynes manual or ask at the parts store. I think some freon also has oil in it along with other good additives like leak stop.