A Few New Mods For The N20Jnky.


Founding Member
Mar 28, 2002
Hey Gang:

Father's Day and my 17th Anniversary was very good to me... My wife and boys got a few new toys for the N20Jnky, including:

1) Anderson Ford Motorsport PMS System.
2) Dynojet Wideband Commander AF System.
3) Moser 31 Spline Axles.
4) Auburn ACTED (Electronic Differential).
5) T/A Racing Differential Cover.

Am I a lucky guy or what???

The PMS system is installed and I'm beginning to tune my car with it... Can't get too wild until I get the Wideband Commander installed... I should be getting the differential and axles installed later this week...

I can't wait to get the car back to the track to see if these mods improve my times any!!!!
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