Acetone (A mustang's best friend)

Dudes. look it up in the search bar. read the links and give it a try and stop complaining about gas prices.

ive used 1 ounce to around 11 litres (roughly 4 gallons) and i thought something was melted inside fuel sensor because the needle was not moving. my stang is acting like a really fuel efficient V6... not my probe (plzzz) but maybe accord? i dunno

buy a glass measuring cup and some acetone at home depot or wherever and do it!

im giddy around gas stations now.

no wonder oil companies dont want us to know.

remember less is better.

thanks to the senior guys who posted all those links so i could do my own research.:canada: :flag: :SNSign:

im going over to probetalk now to brag.:rolleyes:
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i added 2oz to a full tank (15.4 gal) and gas mileage increased from around 21.5 average to 24.22. this was just one tank, so i'll have to do it multiple times, and with various ratios, but i'd say that it works considering i never got more than 23 except for road trips. i'm just a little concerned about the affects of acetone. ie: fuel filter degradation, and lubrication. i also wonder if the combustion of the acetone and fuel does any harm to the parts exposed. i dunno. the guy who wrote the article says that he's been running acetone in his 4 stroke engines for 50 years, so if it did have any undesired effects, he'd deffinitely be one to notice them.
I'm skeptical as well. I'm mainly thinking about damage to fuel handling plastic and rubber parts...fuel injectors, O-rings, etc. If you have to replace $250 fuel injectors to save a little on gas, it isn't worth it.

Did Ford consider the use of acetone in the fuel system/engine/emissions control equipment when they designed and tested the components? No. I'm concerned about unforseen issues down the road.

I'll stick with just plain old gasoline for now.
I read on one of the links someone posted a while ago that some guy put a bunch of different o rings and plastic and rubber fuel line and some other stuff in a jar with pure acetone and did the same with the reccomended fuel acetone mixture and let them sit for a few months and they were fine but the o rings in the pure acetone did swell up a bit. I think that was the storry anyway.
unforseen damage in future

a couple of you guys bring up some good points about internal degredation but the strongest case against that is about that dude who put the o rings in pure acetone. my understanding is that they swelled only a little. remember, you're putting such a small amount in relation to gasoline that it is so diluted.

and here's to hoping that diluted acetone wont hurt my internals.

also keep in mind the obvious. this is the kind of information that large industries (mainly oil) do not want you to know about.

i think they r banking on the fact that very simple chemistry is beyond most of the automobile driving community and will thus quinch their thirst at their pumps.

think about it.

anyhoo dudes... the information is out there. stop owning 3 series bmws and RSXs (me last night) and go and read up!