Alignment issue???


New Member
Oct 31, 2005
NW Iowa
Hello all,
I just finished all my winter projects and got the car back on the road, but now she pulls to the left which gets worse as speed increases. One of my projects was taking the upper control arms off and refinshing them, I did not touch any of the alignment ajustment points so I can not see how this would affect this, but I could be wrong. I also replaced the entire brake system. I did notice the left rear brake was very tight so I adjusted that, still pulls, I rotated the tires again, still pulls. Anyone have any more ideas or should I just get an alignment?
Thank you,
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I did my alignment by eye on my old 67 and it turned out great(probably not perfect, but it drove straight & didn't pull) My front end was a mess, the brakes were destroyed, and the upper ball joints were a mess, after I fixed those and played with the suspension a little it drove better than a caddy.
we just went through the same thing on my neighbors 66, we ended up putting new shoes, and swapping the drums, from side to side..Im guessing the shoes were sticking from sitting for a while, the alignment could affect it to.See if your brakes are dragging on one side and check the wheel bearing and air pressure