Alternator post getting extremely hot

The post that holds the alternator to battery wire is getting extremely hot. After less than a minute of idling the post is hot enough to blister your fingers. There is also a clicking sound coming from the area and makes me think something is arcing. I don't know what to check. All grounds are cleaned and checked. There has been a bit of oil get on it over the past few days from a loose oil filler cap. But it's fixed now.....could that be the problem?? Help me please I can't drive it anywhere!!
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i would toss an extra motor ground on and ensure that charging cable is up to par (clean connections, not rotted on the inside, etc). or just run a new cable. getting hot like that can be an indicator of too much resistance. good luck.
More info!

Are you running a high amp alternator?

If so, what kind of demands are you putting on the electrical system?

If your alt is high output and you have a "more than stock" demand on the electrical system, did you upgrade the stock power feed wire and grounds.
The stock alternator had a wiring problem with the slip on connectors. Everytime you replace a stock alternator, you get a new wiring stub that you get to solder & shrink tube in place.

If you are using an alternator with and bolt on connection and have done as the previous posts have recommended, & still have the problem, then here is something else to do. Cut the lug off and crimp or preferrably solder a new one on. From my days as an aircraft mechanic, I found an intermittant connection that got hot enough to burn my fingers. Oil had seeped into the crimped wire at the lug and created enough resistance to make it get hot. The result was a starter that cranked OK sometimes and not other times. I replaced the wire assembly and that fixed the problem.
excellent advice Joe! you reminded me that I need to solder a new connector on the alternator to power distribution terminal (94GT) - the old one has wire strands hanging out of the connector! I taped it up when i got the car (to try to prevent grounding issues) but I forgot to fix it.

well said!