Alternator Question


Jan 4, 2004
ok, the alternator isnt giving charge back to the battery. i bought a new alternator and it still isnt working, i checked all the wires, and everything is good. the battery is full of charge, but the gauge gets lower and lower as you drive the car. what could the problem be? thanks,

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When you replaced the old alternator did you have it tested to make sure it didn't work?

Take the car to Vautozone and have them check the battery.

Other than that, check your fuse links.
how are your battery cables? A bad positive or negative cable could cause this problem. New 4 gauge cables are like $5 each, so spend the 10 bucks and 10 minutes and replace them. Even if it doesn't fix the problem, you probably need them anyway. If yours are new, maybe clean them up and make sure they're tight.

Other than that, maybe your alt isn't being told to kick on for some reason.
if it was a parts store alternator, was it bench tested before leaving? i have gotten bad ones right off the shelf.

the other guys pretty much hit it all. i would check the fusible link since your old one toasted in some way.

the link is off the solenoid. good luck.