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Nov 14, 2011
Marion, IA
Hello Everyone,

My name is Adam and I have owned several Mustangs since I purchased my 1968 Coupe with a 200 inline six at the age of 14. My Father and Grandfather are/were huge Mustang lover both owning several classics as well. My Dad still has his high school Red on Red '68 Fastback with a 289 and an 8-track player. My Grandpa had an Oxford White '67 convertible with a blue top and blue interior. He also owned a numbers matching '69 GT Fastback with a 351W and a C6 transmission. After he passed away, the convertible was sold to a local classic car dealership and I purchased the '69 GT. I currently own the '69 GT and just purchased a Grabber Blue '14 GT Convertible equipped with an automatic transmission (for the wife ;)). My real passion is for my 5.0's. I have an '88 GT Hatchback that I am currently building/driving and also a '93 LX Convertible set up for autocross. I am definitely a mustang enthusiast. I love beating the hell out of the Foxes and restoring the classics. I am 27 years old and from Cedar Rapids Iowa. I did six years in the Army and now work as an Automotive Technician. I love fast cars and V8's. I know how to work on Euro, Import, and Domestic... but enjoy working on Mustangs. Hopefully I will get to know some of you guys and can continue learning more about my Pony Cars.

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Jul 2, 2009
South Jersey
Welcome to Stangnet! The guys over in the fox body section are an interesting bunch, pop on in over there and introduce yourself we all like pictures too!
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