Anti Theft System


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May 21, 2008
So I have been trying to figure out how to test my anti theft system to see if it is working correctly. Does any one know how to do this. On my 95 F-150 all I need to do is shut the door so the light goes out and use the keyless and wait about a minute or so and then open the door and it sounds off. I tryed this with my Mustang and nothing, any idea'a anyone? Thanks:flag:
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are you sure your mustang has a factory alarm, and not just the fake one? my 01 GT did not come with one, it just gave off a flashing theft light for deterrence. i know have a python alarm system.
Well that I will have to check. I will run the vin by the dealer and find out. Otherwise if it doesn't it will soon. Seems strange though that my 95 F-150 would and this not don't you think.
Not strange. It's just that whoever bought your car didn't opt for it and whoever bought the f-150 did.

I beleive it's standard practice on all new Fords. They have PATS standard and an additional factory alarm is a dealer add-on.

Check your window sticker if you have it, or there is a free report you can run with ford to get your build sheet...I forget the name of it. Something 99 report
I will have to look into that and see what I can find. It does seem odd however that the person would order the GT wheels and the tri coat paint and all the other extra's but not that any way thanks for the heads up 5L5 I will let you know what I find and go from there.
Well got my build sheet yesterday very easy to get too, and according to Ford all 98 Mustangs came with only a PAT system nothing else. It is according to them an anti theft system not an alarm system. I did find out that my car was ordered with most every GT option that could be ordered like I said most. It also says it was special ordered with a white accent stripe. Does any one know what that is? Thanks everyone.
No I went on line to Ford customer service and then went to general questions and you will be asked to put in the vin number along the way. I just asked for the 999 report / build sheet. About a week later in the mail there it was with all the possible options you can order too. That was it very easy.