Antifreeze leak after lower/upper intake install


New Member
Aug 15, 2004
Beverly, MA
So I have a coolant leak after installing my upper/lower intake and new TB. Does trickflow have a lower intake gasket I can use instead of Black Permatex? I have a upper/lower one but not for the bottom of the lower. I guess I will have to take everything apart AGAIN, for like the 5th time... *sigh*...

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stang22 said:
Where is it leaking from? Did you use any RTV around the water ports in the heads?

Bingo. Thats usually the problem. Gotta bring the RTV up from the block and apply a thin coat around the water ports. Both sides of the gasket. The aluminum and iron will contract differently and open up a small leak where they join.
Also, something that I found keeps things dry is to set the intake on and just snug the bolts in. Let is sit overnight and allow the RTV to set. Then torque it down the next day.