Any buyer's remorse from 03/04 Cobra owners?

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NOt one small ounce of regret...i love this car, it is the funnest car i have ever driven. I actully make excuses to drive it. Only thing i have/would if i was you do is put a nice sounding cat back exhaust. Makes the car sounds like it drives...MUSCLE! and dont get big headed like I did. Hear i thought all the women were checkin me out, they look at the car, i figured it out when the guys were turning there heads EVERYONE looks and gawks
I doubt you will get anybody here with remorse....I LOVE the car and the way it drives.....even though I will have to slap on my second set of rims with Blizzaks and drive in the snow (Yuck!)
onrailz said:
I am looking to buy a new Cobra as a daily driver but want to know if anyone regrets buying theirs and why. Thanks...


I sold my '03 with 36K on it and bought an '04. It's awesome to drive....can be gentle as a kitty around town, but when you hit the boost, watch out!

It's the most fun I've had in the front seat of a car.

You'll love it.
I love the car, I only had a few problems:

1. Finding insurence, it took my agent 2 weeks to find insurence and I am paying more then my V8 Turbo diesel suburban and V8 Explorer combined. A 40+ male with a class A CDL and a good record should not have any trouble finding insurence. Apparently Cobras are on some sort of black list and many companies will not insure them.

2. Clutch so low to the floor, I like a higher clutch from years of driving trucks. This is taking a lot of time to get used to.

3. No grill in the front, I am worried a stone will hit the radiator and cause damage.

4. Not loud enough, nice rumble, but it needs to be just a little louder.

Other then those four thing I absolutely love the car. My brother has a 1994 Viper, a '32 coupe, and my other brother has an S-500 4-matic Mercedes and i've driven all of them and I have to say I love my cobra the most out of all of them. It has the power and looks I like, 4 seats (perfect for my two kids, myself, and the wife to go out), and unlike the Viper I can park it somewhere and not have to worry as much, yet it still draws the looks of people in the know. :nice: had better like to talk...every one likes to talk to you about it. 10 minutes here in the Lowes parking lot....45 minutes there at the car wash, numerous "i like your car" - "thanks i love it " replies. lol
BZ's_03_SVT said: had better like to talk...every one likes to talk to you about it. 10 minutes here in the Lowes parking lot....45 minutes there at the car wash, numerous "i like your car" - "thanks i love it " replies. lol

That's it in a nutshell!! No regrets. :nice:
Just realize what the payment is going to be and ask yourself if you are comfortable with it. If the answer is yes, then my only question is why the hell wouldn't you buy one? I personally did not have any trouble finding insurance which is actually cheaper than it was with my 99 GT.
Well I am going to be honest here, regardless of what you people think:

They only real remorse I have about the car is that I didn't test drive the Zo6 before deciding on the Cobra.

Now if you just want a list of problems here ya go (mileage 5200)
Rearend clunking, poping, tinking
Tranny in neutral shifter rattles and shakes, sounds like gears are grinding against one another
Paint is absolutly horrible, Sand painted under, debri painted under, air bubbles, cracks. Generally bad orange peel over the whole car.
Stitching on passenger seat is falling apart.

Things I disliked before purchase:
Wheel hop
Poor tires

SVT AS A Daily computer Car?

We just got our 2004 SVT Cobra and we love it. To have it as a DAILY commuter car I'd have to say no! The stick shift and the Hybred motor would be better suited for weekend trips or just plane FUN driving. If I were going to buy something to be a daily driver it wouldn't be something so high strung and with so much power. That's just my opinion and I've had a Shelby 289 REAL Cobra, Corvette, Ferrari and M3 Bmer. For the $$$ the SVT Cobra can't be beat and the performance is something of ah ah ahhhhhhh!

With a new Performance program, exhaust and a upgraded blower pully the car will do nothing more than get you ARRESTED and thrown in Jail! If not that, then you'll get to know your local Highway Patrol and know the Driver School teachers real well!

Good Luck and Happy motoring!

Buyers remorse?

Hell no. Friday I traded my 2003 Mach1 with 7100 miles on it for a brand new 2004 Screaming Yellow Cobra.

I've already got 350 miles on it. It's the best move I made since going to the Mach1.

Mines a daily driver too...
Not really any remorse here. Sometimes I wish I got a car that was built with more quality, like a luxury car. But overall, when I hear that engine and feel the speed, I KNOW why I didn't buy a luxury car. I just accept some of the little rattle and shakes as something any sports car will have.

I can't regret not buying a Vette or Viper because I couldn't afford those. I agree with what someone else : you can park it and not worry about it like you would a Viper or some exotic. It was either Camaro, Firebird, or Cobra, and I'm glad I went with the snake. I still get lots of looks and people telling me compliments. I'm glad I didn't get a GT, and just went ahead and got the Cobra.

I would say the downside is insurance and gas mileage. But like I said, it's one of those things that comes with buying a sports car, and it is well worth it. My car isn't a daily driver now. But it was my daily driver for about a year and I loved it each time. The only downside to having it as a daily driver is that I would get so comfortable and used to the speed. I got 2 tickets that year.
I’m with GLWBEAR, I too have had and still have some exotic cars, and for the money you can’t beat it for performance. I have recently decided to get the blower ported and do the throttle body (looking for that last bit to get 500rwhp). :nice:

I didn’t have any problems with insurance ether; in fact it’s $2.00 more a month than my 03 v-6 stang! :shrug:

It’s not daily driver ether, I can’t imagine driving it in traffic, but some things you must sacrifice for performance.